July 30, 2017

How to Give a Short Natal Chart Interpretation

by Roy George Santos Plazo.

If you're interested in astrology and tried to learn through the Internet, then I'm 99% sure Google led you to a "birth chart interpretation tutorial" page. I don't know about you, but this only bored me due to the redundancy of the topic. What I wanted was to deepen my knowledge. I'm not suggesting that natal charts are for "n00bs" and these natal chart tutorials have no use-- remember that this article is about birth charts! But instead of helping you choose which natal chart calculator you should use or which astrological book is the "best," I will share with you my techniques of doing the most difficult thing a beginner in astrology will encounter: organizing and giving a brief birth chart interpretation.

As a beginner in the field of astrology, the best way to practice my skills is to give free delineations to my friends. However, based on my experience, no one likes hearing an unorganized "oracle" about themselves. To smoothen my interpretations, whether done face-to-face or sent through Facebook, I made a checklist of what to look for in a chart.
To guide you through the list, let's suppose Zayn Malik is my good friend and he wants me to give him a brief interpretation of his birth chart.

Start with the planets

Personally, I'd start with their Sun sign, Moon, and their Ascendant (not a planet but I reveal this to people earlier in a reading). What's better than hooking their attention with delineations that resonates the most with them? Try to start with their Sun, mostly because it's what they know the most.

Most of the time, you would be giving adjectives, so try to give around 3 of them.

"Zayn, so you know you're a Capricorn, which means you're career-oriented, practical, and prefers control over things. Your Moon is in Virgo, so you prefer logic, particularly how you organize your environment. Your ascending sign is Pisces, so you may come off to people as dreamy, idealistic, and soulful. Mercury is also in Capricorn (which means Zayn is skeptical towards astrology, hahaha!), along with your Uranus and Neptune, so you think and speak with professionalism, combined with innovation of traditions and idealism with "groundedness".

Mars in Cancer makes your expression of assertiveness considerate to feelings but you're explosive if emotionally triggered. You also have great talents in arts, though most people cannot fully appreciate it immediately because Mars is retrograde.

Venus is in Pisces, which makes you extremely romantic and sensitive to music.

You're a natural diplomat, which makes you good at mediating conflicts, due to Jupiter in Libra. Saturn in Libra gives you anxiety, particularly in a very large group of unknown people (it is known that Zayn experiences/d anxiety)..."


Look for chart patterns

If at first glance you notice a chart configuration (such as grand trines, T-squares, splash, etc.), include it in your interpretation. Also observe if planets populate a certain hemisphere (upper, lower, left, right).

"...You have a stellium in your Capricornian eleventh house, which gives you comfort around friends and people and most of the time overpowers your anxiety from your Saturn..."

Interpret the houses

If you know your querent, start on a house which would interest them the most (tenth house if they're career-oriented, seventh house if they're a natural romantic, etc.); if you don't, I recommend you go in an ascending order, though you could start with the angulars, then with the succedents, and then with the cadents.

"...Your Pisces-ruled first house has your Venus, which explains why you're insanely attractive. You own aesthetic things which suits you much, like your fabulous fashion, because of your Taurean second house. You can express yourself well with words
because of your third house Gemini, but you rarely do and only to your family because Mercury is in the stellium and fourth house is also Gemini. Mars in Cancer plus fifth house tells me you're good in bed; as good as your creativity.You're care much about your daily work and treat it critically, as what your sixth house and its ruler tells me. You're very analytical in partnerships but both Jupiter and Moon in it tells me you treat them with utmost respect, whether romantic or business. Eight house with Scorpio suggests suspiciousness to passed on wealth, so you do a lot of investigation before receiving them. Sagittarian ninth house makes you adventurous, literally and metaphorically-- you like to explore places and philosophies. Sagittarian tenth house means you are benevolent in your career and you want people to see you in different fields of your specialty. You are willing to sacrifice as long as it is practical, according to your twelfth house..."

Connect the details with the aspects

Tie down everything you said about the planets and the houses with the aspects. This will give the querent a clearer picture of why certain parts of their personality go together or produce conflict.

Since you want to give only a short interpretation, only consider the major aspects.

"...Like I've said earlier, with your Sun in conjunct with both of your Mercury, Uranus and Neptune, at the same time in trine with your Moon, these characteristics already paint a colorful personality and a good worker of details. Mars in opposition with your Sun, your will and goals in a group and your creative drive often clash together, though-- this might be the reason why you had problems when you were still in One Direction. But I think if your surroundings and mood overpower this factor, your creative juices would just pour out-- your Moon ties up the previous conflicting opposition with Her harmonious trine with your stellium and a coaxing sextile with Mars. Another thing to add to this peculiar orientation: your Jupiter is squaring both ends at the center, so if your 'business self' is given enough resources and a good challenge, you'd make monumental works (check Zayn's "Mind of Mine"-- it's amazing. I sounds weird at first though because of his creative yet retrograde Mars but it'll help you know him better if you're interested.) Venus in trine with Mars: what you like, you put a ring on it, after taking them to bed. Even though your environment contradicts your desired image you want to show the world, you know how to sacrifice for the sake of business and character, according to Moon square MC, Saturn trine Jupiter, and Saturn sextile MC..."

 Finish everything with a summary

After you poured your efforts of interpretation, it would be good if you state your perspective about fate and destiny. This way, your querent would know how you treat your interpretations and in turn, treat these interpretation with how you prefer they should treat it. On the astrologer's side, since you basically have the person's personality blueprint, try analizing what ways you should deliver information to the querent. In Zayn's case, I delivered it along with the astrological jargons to show his skeptical Capricornian Moon that I am serious with my delineations.

I know I did not 100% follow the list since I mentioned several houses and related important aspects at the beginjing of the interpretation, but doing this is perfectly fine. It is still your goal to deliver an organized and cohesive interpretations, and if to do such you'd need to break the rules a little, go ahead. After all, it is still up to you if you'd even try this list.

To end my interpretations of Zayn's chart, I would probably explain that how he manages himself is still one of the greatest factors of a human's journey. Positive traits I have told could become negative; and negative traits, positive. But I won't write it down here since I am not really talking to him and I believe that these interpretation summaries are pretty personal and spur-of-the-moment things.

One last thing before this article ends: if a querent disagrees about a thing you said, whether because they did not like it or just plain misinterpretation, accept it with an open heart. The axiom "learn from mistakes" is still applicable when learning astrology. Take these criticisms so you'd grow into a much better astrologer!

May the heavens be in your favor, everyone!

Zayn Malik's image source: http://www.newslocker.com/en-uk/person/zayn-malik/zayn-malik-makes-plans-for-rap-career-post-one-direction-stvtv/

June 15, 2017

The Astrology of Choosing a Wedding Date

by Bles Carmona

Did you know that aside from helping us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the people in our lives, astrology can also pinpoint an ideal date for important events like a major surgery, buying a house, or even getting married? 

As astrologers, we are often asked: “Why should we even bother to find this ideal marriage date and time that you’re talking about? One day is the same as another, as longas both parties are serious and mature in their intent to marry.”  

Ummm, yes and no. While it’s true that the number of those who pay no mind to the science and art of astrology seem to rise and fall (with the fortunes and fates all their own), those who do honor astrological help just want an extra insurance from the Universe that this major life event would be astrologically “favored”.  Positive or negative indications can be clearly seen in the event chart. 

Every event has a definite beginning, like a child’s birth or the founding of a business, which, with a competent astrologer interpreting the signs in the chart, can lead to enlightenment, guidance, and a glimpse into some trends for the future. The same can be said of a marriage. Its event chart stands for its beginning - the wedding itself - and this could be made as positive and auspicious as possible by consciously choosing the date, time, and place of the ceremony. 

By the way, the process is called a “wedding election.” The astrologer, along with the prospective couple, put their heads together to “elect” the date and time of the wedding, which is technically defined as the moment the couple say their “I do’s.” 

The astrologer has the obligation to state at the outset that there is no single “perfect” date and time. The couple then lay out their conditions, requirements, and limitations. What is most important during an appointment for a wedding election is the couple’s willingness to compromise between their desires and the recommendations of the astrologer, which are based on astrological principles. 


Out of say, 15 or 16 “electional rules for marriage,” it’s very rare that all of the heavenly conditions being “required” are satisfied by the resulting event chart. For instance, you’ve heard about Mercury retrograde, right? Three times a year for 21-25 days each time, this planet, as seen from our Earthly vantage point, appears to be going backward on its path. 

Aside from Mercury’s symbolic association with communication, electronics, technology, and transportation, Mercury also rules contracts, which marriage obviously is. Well, one of the electional rules for marriage is to avoid a wedding date when this planet is retrograde, since there is a tendency “to go back on the contract” later on. 

Even more important is to find a date when the planet Venus is not retrograde. As the significator of marriage, marital harmony, and yes, love itself, Venus should be going direct in the event chart. It’s easy enough to avoid Venus Rx since it’s only retrograde (Rx) for six weeks for every 20 months or 40 days every two years, depending on the Venus cycle. 

And what about the role of the Sun and the Moon? The great astrologer Marion March, to whose work, “Electional Rules for Marriage,” we will be referring, states, “Try to have the Sun and Moon (portraying the groom and bride) in good aspect to each other.” 


What are the good aspects? A conjunction (0-8 degrees), sextile (60 degrees), or a trine (120 degrees), which describe the distance between two planets by right ascension. It’s easy enough to see these aspects in a natal or event chart. 

But there are other things to consider. For instance, a couple I know who wanted to wed by the end of February 2016, had the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio in the event chart, and they are trine each other or 120 degrees apart. Sounds auspicious, right? But taking into account other “rules,” the Moon in Scorpio is actually to be avoided since the Moon is in its fall in this sign. Here is Ms. Marion March again: 

“Avoid the Moon in Scorpio where it is in its fall and where it can be secretive and possessive,not exactly conducive to a happy relationship. A Libra Moon, on the other hand, works well in amarriage electional chart since it seeks harmony and balance. Strong and well matched couples seem to do well with the Moon in Leo.” 
Contemporary astrologer Ms. April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology has this to say: “Avoid Moon in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn, unless very well aspected.” 

The couple in question may just have to live with this since they specified that they needed to be married by the last week of February 2016, and the chosen date harmonizes with their individual charts - the guy has his birth moon in Scorpio, which echoes the event chart’s Moon placement, and the girl has natal moon in Pisces, which conjuncts the Sun in Pisces of the event chart. 

As for the Ascendant or Rising Sign of the event chart (the sign at the cusp of the first house), it is preferable that it be one of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), and the number of degrees no fewer than 3 or no more than 27 degrees rising. Our couple in question has 24 degrees rising in the sign of Taurus, a pretty solid, persevering, and stable sign. 

Like I said, there are no 100% ideal charts, but within the constraints presented for consideration in a consultation, it is still an art to determine the final event chart for a couple who approaches an astrologer for this purpose. 

I wrote about this topic to give interested individuals and couples a choice. You are making an important decision in your lifetime. Provided that you are not being coerced into marriage, then you have a choice about when and where you want this symbol of marital union to commence. 

Please consult an astrologer for the best results. It would be an honor for him or her to help you decide on the balance of factors that would make your wedding date most auspicious. May blessings and light be upon you! 
Marion March, (1998) “Electional Rules for Marriage,” lecture at Online College of Astrology,
retrieved at http://www.bigskyastrology.com/wedding-date-astrology/

February 15, 2017

Seminar on Astrology of Love and Relationships on March 18 in Pasig

The Astrology of Love and Relationships
A seminar by Filipino Astrologer Resti Santiago

March 18, 2017
5:15pm to 8:30pm
The Good Seed Restaurant,
3 Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig

For fee amount and/or to reserve a seat,
call or text 0917-245-3255

- Know if s/he's the One
- Secrets of Love and Compatibility
- Timing Love and Marriage
- Understand Your Partner's Emotional Needs
- Learn more about planetary family dynamics
- Find out how to deal with Venus Retrograde


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